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From BYU Women Conference. It's good to know some of them.

Top 10 Tips for U!

1. Simplify
• Have realistic expectations for yourself—Heavenly Father doesn’t expect you to be
the perfect mother or wife. He loves us for trying our best.
• Get organized – dejunk the clutter. Even 10 minutes a day does wonders.
• Don’t over schedule yourself or your kids.

2. Utilize instant pick me ups
• Get dressed – for real – no sweatpants.
• Do your hair.
• Put on makeup.
• Paint your nails.
• Take a shower or bubble bath.
• Shave.
• Own jeans that actually fit you.
• Turn on the music and sing along – out loud.
• Go outside – fresh air and sunshine.
• Own an outfit that just makes you feel like you look good.
• Get out of the house and go anywhere (even just for a drive).
• Go shopping (grocery or other) in the evening alone or with a friend – leisurely
roaming Target’s aisles at 9:00 p.m. can be very therapeutic.
• Have a hobby (sewing, scrapbooking, blogging).

3. Nurture your marriage
• Say “I love you” regularly.
• Escape for a weekend getaway.
• Get a babysitter and go out (have a regular date night).
• Order take out and watch a video after the kids are down.
• Take walks together.
• Kiss passionately.
• Kiss when saying goodbye to each other.
• Give each other massages.
• Take time daily to talk (and listen) to each other.
• Find a hobby to do together (a new sport, etc.).
• Flirt with your husband.
• Say “I’m sorry” and mean it.
• Call, text or e-mail occasional love notes.

4. Get enough sleep
• Take a nap (even a 15 minute power nap).
• Go to bed early once in awhile (even right after the kids go down).

5. Plan outs with other moms
• Join or start a play group or park day.
• Invite moms and their kids over for lunch and playtime.
• Meet friends at the park, zoo or museum.
• Go feed the ducks.
• Meet for a picnic.

6. Continue your education
• Read (in the car during kids’ lessons, during naptime, in the bath, outside in the sun).
• Join or start a book group.
• Take an online class or a night class at a local college or with a community education
• Sign yourself up for lessons (cooking, piano, guitar, dance class alone or with hubby).
• Take a class from a local craft store (knitting, scrapbooking, sewing, quilting).
• Take a class from a local hardware store (repairing, installing, updating).
• Do brain exercises: sudoku, crossword puzzles, etc.
• Attend Enrichment night.
• Read the Ensign and scriptures.
• Take an institute class.
• Attend the temple.

7. Exercise regularly
• Play tag, jump on the trampoline, swing, etc. with your children.
• Turn on some music and dance.
• Load up the stroller and go for a walk. Go with a friend.
• Play soccer, catch, tennis, etc. with your little ones.
• Clean the house with energetic vigor.
• Walk your kids to and from school.
• Join a gym with babysitting services.
• Walk your neighborhood errands.

8. Maintain friendships
• Late night movies (after the kids are in bed and hubby is home).
• Lunch or dinner out with girlfriends (even just once a month).
• Stay in touch with friends (call or e-mail).
• Scrapbook night.
• Get a handless phone so you can chat while you do laundry, cleaning, etc.
• Send a birthday card or note in the mail.
• Girls’ trip (overnight or something more elaborate).

9. Take a Break
• Get a babysitter (run errands alone, take a nap, go clothes shopping alone).
• Swap kids with a friend.
• Call in help – mom, sister, neighbor, visiting teacher, husband, friend.
• Online downtime: check e-mail, shop, blog or read someone’s blog, etc.

10. Be positive
• Laugh.
• Smile.
• Say “Yes” as often as you can - even if it’s conditional “Yes, you may have a cookie,
after you finish your lunch.” (as soon as…, when you have…)
• Surround yourself with happy people.
• Say “Thank you.”
• Add some color to your life – nails, flowers, lipgloss, clothes, paint a wall/room.
• Love your house: “Redecorate” a room by rearranging what you already have.
• Do something every day just because you want to.
• Cherish your children: Remember your kids are only this young once and it goes

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mimihalley dijo...

I really liked "own a pair of pants that fits you." That really does make a huge difference in how I feel about myself that day!

These are great tips. :)

You should come to the park with the other moms from our ward on Tuesdays! (And if you usually come, then haha, sounds like I need to come more!)

Marina dijo...

Que bueno que ahora sabes que quiere decir la palabra "trucha" Asi me siento por estar entre tantos mexicanos jajaja.

Claro que podemos ir al parque podemos arreglar un dia para ir juntas. Ya de regreso de Michican? Saludos.

The Larrabees dijo...

Gracias por estos tips. La verdad necesitaba leer algo asi. Estoy en Bolivia y vuelvo a Houston en dos dias, asi que estoy re-triste porque voy a extranar a mis papas y mi pais un monton, pero tengo que recordar que mi prioridad es mi familia. Se que me entiendes un poquito porque vos tambien estas lejos de tu familia y tu pais, gracias por ser tan linda amiga, un beso!